Best Woodworking CAD Software Available in 2019

Are you searching for a program that can help you to create amazing woodwork 2D, 3D and other types of designs, Computer Aided Design popularly known as CAD is definitely a perfect choice that will enhance creativity in your woodwork projects. This software will enable you to take your woodwork business to the next level since it comprises of very advanced features. What you need to note is that CAD programs are many and they also come with different features to suit the demands of every project.

Woodworking CAD Software

This means that you can easily find a good CAD program that matches with the type of projects you do. Since it is not easy to differentiate between these CAD programs, we have reviewed the best CAD software for carpentry in 2019. This will make your work easier when choosing a suitable option for your woodwork business.

6 Best Woodworking CAD Software s

1. Woodwork for inventor

This one is with no doubt great software if you want a reliable CAD program for woodwork. If you have ever used the Autodesk or Inventor, you will find that the interface is almost the same only that this one has some advanced features. For example, it features a board-edge detection and generation. The other thing is that it works perfectly with almost all materials such as solid wood, multilayer board, veneer/film, desktop, laminated board, edge banding and paint.

2. Design CAD 3D Max v25

Here comes another lightweight and versatile application from IMSI/Design. With this software, you can handle almost all types of woodworking design projects. It is an excellent option for furniture design and also construction since it comes with advanced features which are suitable for professionals. The most outstanding feature is the 600 editable and 3D models which you can easily access online for free. Unlike others, you will also find that it comes with its own scripting language which enables it to automate tasks and follow specific routines accurately.

3. Rhino 5

Rhino 5 is one of the top CAD software that allows you to design any kind of shape you would require. It is very accurate and it also provides precise calculations. Unlike other CAD programs, this one doesn’t require high quality hardware when writing or reading from a list of formats like those that are used in AutoCAD and Solidworks.

4. Alphacam Router

This one is another CAD software for wood, metal and stone. If you want to improve your business in terms of productivity, flexibility and reliability, this software provides exactly that. The router works better when used for woodwork project as compared to when you use it on stones and metals. It also has a unique CNC programming design for average users. As a result, it is among the best CAD software for beginners because it is easy to use. Again, it includes some case-specification support and 3D engraving to ensure that you have everything you would require to make your woodwork projects successful.

5. Sketchup

Sketchup has been on the market for quite some time and what makes it unique is the fact that it works under Google. In addition, it has all the necessary features for freelance designers and students. The interface is very friendly to the user and has amazing features which are hidden in the menu. You will also find that it has a lightweight drawing canvas which allows the program to run perfectly in a 1 GHZ processor. Additionally, it comes with template for standard measurements which makes it easy to use.

6. VisualCAD

This one is a free software that is very functional and reliable. It comes with a 3-axus milling which is very precise according to the installed visual engine. Due to its advanced features, it is considered as one of the top software just like Rhino, AutoCad and Solidworks. With this program, you can easily convert 2D images into 3D models. Training is also provided and more features are available for licensed users. The company parent (MecSoft) also comprises of other technologies that are meant for 3D, CAD and CAM operations.

The Bottom Line

Al the above programs are great CAD software that you can use to improve your woodwork business. They are reliable and have all the features you would require for different features. One of the most important things you should consider before making a choice of which one you should look for is the ease of use. Ensure that the CAD software you have picked has a user-friendly menu that is easy to navigate.

You should also consider the nature of your projects to ensure that the one you have selected has all the necessary features. Some requires some special form of hardware for them to work and that is something you also need to look at. Pick any of them which you feel that it perfectly suits your requirements.