We are a library of robot components used in FIRST competition. You will find components from all the previous competitions and the present one as well. This library will help the young people understand more about what the FIRST competition is about and learn how to make their own components by taking ideas from the previous components.


  • Huge resource on making robots in one place.
  • A collection of lots of previous projects.
  • Various tutorials to explain how different components work.
  • Base types of many versions are available from which customized components can be made.
  • Links to manufacturer’s websites are available so you can easily contact the manufacturer for knowing the features of the components in details.
  • You can easily download the part models as various types of CAD files exist.
  • Get complete project management feature from generating design concept proposals and estimation of costs.
  • Get your model supervised by the experts in our team and get feedback.

You can learn many things from here that will help you to create your own model. You can use our resources even if you are not a participant of the competition. You can learn about AutoCAD and how it can be use to make various models of robot components.We update our library often with new information and tutorials. Please visit us to learn more about doing projects on robotics.